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Time-lapse Photography

The power of this technique is in the way it commands attention by allowing us to see things in non-ordinary and fascinating ways.

New technology in the form of both hardware and software has enabled the use of still cameras to create what I call ‘cinematic’ time-lapse - time-lapse that is composed of images shot from cameras with an interval from a little as one second, and that are commonly moved in two or even three axes – pan, tilt and slide during the course of the capture. Cinematic time-lapse is a particularly captivating form of photography. By compressing minutes or hours into seconds, it can show events invisible to the eye. From the opening sequence at the top of TV1’s 6pm news, the Netflix series House of Cards, television series such as Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul to wildlife programs such as BBC Earth and many of the David Attenborough documentaries, time-lapse is used to great effect

Hyperlapse is a variation on the time-lapse theme with a more free-form dynamic effect, and can be used to show more of a 'place' than an 'event.'

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