Christchurch Aerial Photography

The value in images taken from an elevated perspective has long been recognised. Not only for the awe-inspiring appreciation they can give us of our planet, but for the power to illustrate even day to day things in a more compelling way. We have a thirst for aerial imagery.

The first known aerial photograph was taken from a hot air balloon by a French photographer just outside of Paris in 1858. Kites, rockets and even pigeons back as far 1903 have been used to carry cameras. Fortunately we have rather more reliable ways of taking aerial imagery these days!

Fixed and rotary wing (helicopters) aircraft have been the traditional way of obtaining aerial images for decades. But with the evolution starting back in the ‘80’s of remotely operated aircraft that lead the way for the global ‘drone’ phenomenon, this is the new wave of aerial photography. While this approach has many advantages and can give a unique view that can’t be gained any other way, it also has its limitations.

Iconic Media supplies images taken from either conventional aircraft or with a low-level Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS, or what most people think of as 'drones') depending on customer and requirements. Aerial video has become an increasing vital part of documenting and capturing the attention of users and can also be seriously considered. 

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