Having an interest in photography from childhood days long before the concept of ‘digital’ anything had even been thought about, I loved the idea of being able to photograph from a ‘different point of view.’

With a love of radio-controlled helicopters that began back in the late 80’s, the two came together to form the low-level aerial photography business Skycam New Zealand. It was the first commercial operation of its type in the South Island and dates back to long before the term ‘drone’ was ever heard of. Aerial photography had been my main way of supplying imagery since the mid 1990’s.

Some time ago, a client was interested in having a time-lapse sequence of a project supplied along with the aerial imagery and from this was found a refreshing way of suppling imagery with a different perspective. Timewarp Films was the business that evolved from this new style of media. More recently, rather than running separate businesses and websites, the decision was made to bring all my work together under one umbrella. Iconic Media was born.

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