Websites. What is their purpose? Are they a marketing tool to attract new clients? To showcase work? To help with a professional image? An information hub? They can be all of the above. Whatever the purpose, an important part of their success is strong visual content.

We live in a visual world. Hundreds of images clamour for our attention every day. Some grab our attention. Others not so much. Having imagery that stands out makes a big difference.

More than ever before, people are turning to online sources to search, shop and purchase. Content that is engaging and holds your viewers’ attention is paramount in helping translate traffic into sales.

Whether you are looking to update photographs, add new content to your website, document the progress on a building project, or looking for a compelling way to connect with potential customers on your website or social media, Iconic Media has a range of solutions. Time-lapse, hyperlapse, still imagery, or video from the ground or the air.


We offer both low level (drone-based) and high level (traditional) aerial photography services and the decision about which option to use depends on what you are photographing and what the photographs are to be used for. Please check out how you could best benefit from the Services we offer.

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When still images are put together to form a video, you get to view what may seem like ordinary everyday events in a new and fascinating way.

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